How is Tally on-premises different from Tally Cloud hosting?

Tally on premises vs tally cloud

How is Tally on-premises different from Tally Cloud hosting?

Confused? Tally on-premises or Tally on Cloud

Tally ERP software is one of the most renowned software in the field of business management. Accounting, auditing, report generation, etc. are performed using Tally software. The two ways to install and configure tally setup are : 


1. Tally On-Premise

2. Tally on Cloud 


The basic difference between Tally On-Premise to Tally Software on Cloud is the need to set up physical servers in the office premise. This includes the hardware cost, maintenance cost, IT professionals, etc. 


Whereas in the Tally Cloud version the data and the software are hosted on the cloud itself. With the availability of Tally Software Online, company data can be accessed from remote locations as well. 


Let us learn more about Tally software to differentiate between the two ways of tally installation in depth.  

What is Tally ERP software & Why is it used?

Tally has played an important role in the growth of multiple organizations. Tally software is a multi-functional program that includes expense management, managing track records of products, and report creation.


Organizations use Tally’s accounting function to maintain balance, deposits, transactions, inventory count, etc. These are the basic features that are used by the clients and customers to analyze the company background.

What is Tally on Cloud Technology?

In Tally on Cloud, tally servers and data centers are hosted over the internet with the help of cloud service providers. Tally hosted on Cloud enables organizations to use tally accounting software from anywhere anytime.


Along with remote accessibility, it supports multi-device functionality Tally on Cloud for Mac, android, windows, etc. Not only drive support but the extended version of cloud web tally allows organizations to access Tally reports from web browsers as well.

Difference: Tally on-Premise and Tally Cloud

The major difference between Tally On-Premise and Tally on Cloud are : 


  • Cost expenditure: On-Premise requires an initial hefty investment amount for servers, location, maintenance, IT professionals to configure, etc. When it comes to the cloud it is a pay-as-you-go expenditure without the actual need to purchase and maintain physical servers.
  • Data backup: Tally On-Premise data backup is a complex process whereas it is easy to backup Tally data on Cloud.
  • Remote Accessibility: On-Premise tally is restricted to office network whereas employees can use Tally on Cloud from any remote location provided they have an active internet connection.

Comparison: Tally On-Premise vs Tally on Cloud:

Let us have an overview of the difference between Tally On-Premise Software vs Tally on Cloud. Following is the list of features that are available in the cloud but not in On-premise Tally software.


  • Online anywhere anytime Accessibility 
  • Disaster backup & recovery
  • Scalability 
  • Advanced security
  • Remote printing

Why does Tally on-premises require additional efforts?

Tally service on-premises are completely dependent on the hardware and resources available within the office perimeter. On-premise tally would require a continuous uninterrupted power supply as it works on a single database. These are some additional efforts required to configure Tally On-premise. 

Tally on Cloud Benefits:

After we have observed both the ways to install tally accounting software. Now, let us discuss the tally on cloud benefits and how Tallycloudhub can be the best solution for your tally on cloud solutions.

• Remote accessibility

Tally on Cloud can be accessed from anywhere anytime. Since the data is available on the cloud, Tally Multi-user on Cloud can access this data from their house away from the company infrastructure.

Data security & backup:

Data stored in the cloud is highly encrypted and protected with security layers. This makes the cloud a highly secured place to store sensitive company data. 

Storage Architecture

The method used to install and configure Tally on Cloud is completely centralized. This means all the data is stored in a centralized server. With this tally data can be accessed at multiple geo locations, data is synchronized and available in real-time without breaking its integrity.  


Traditionally Tally could only be accessed via windows, but with the availability of Tally on a cloud it can now be accessed on any device with any operating system ex: Mac, Linux, Unix, android, etc.

We at Tallycloudhub showcase our customers with the best possible tally on cloud solutions. The services we offer are cost-effective, we also provide Free Live Demo for Tally on Cloud service.


After observing different aspects of Tally On-Premise vs Tally accounting software on Cloud software. We can clearly say that Tally on cloud services has an upper hand over the On-premise Tally. In terms of remote accessibility, security, data backup, recovery, remote printing, and much more.


Not to overlook the cost benefits and pay-as-you-go expense of Tally software on the cloud. Hence, to get started with your Tally on cloud services that are better than Tallycloudhub, visit our website and give your business the gift of Tally on cloud services today!


What are the underline features of Tally hosted on the Cloud?

The underline features of tally hosted on the cloud are: 


  • Easy and timely tally backup on the cloud.
  • Tally on cloud configuration to remote access on multiple devices.
  • Tally ERP cloud-based applications.
  • Tally ERP 9 on the web makes tally handier.

What are the different ways to install Tally?

The two different ways to install Tally are: 


  • Tally on cloud 
  • Tally On-Premise


The best cost-effective solution, with various other additional benefits, is Tally on Cloud.

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