PAAS: Pros And Cons Of This Technology

PAAS pros and cons

PAAS: Pros And Cons Of This Technology

Tally on Cloud with PAAS

Platform as a Service abbreviated as PAAS. PAAS is one of the most promising services provided by cloud technology. It eliminates the need to configure and install hardware required for development purposes.


They are streamlined to provide ready-made software to the clients receiving services. Tally on Cloud enhance performance is one good example of software running on cloud infrastructure to provide remote access to employees as well as clients.


Tally data, servers, and accounting-related services are hosted on the cloud infrastructure. With the availability of Tally on the cloud, the need to set up infrastructure is reduced to a great extend.


Even after having such a great impact on the growth of business in today’s environment, PAAS might not be the optimal solution for your obstacles. Continue to read the blog to understand the pros and cons of PAAs technology.

What is PaaS?

  • Platform-as-a-Service (PAAS) is a type of cloud computing service.
  • In PAAS, the service providers provide their clients with a runtime environment or platform to develop, manage, use applications. 
  • In the digital era, cloud-based business models are in vogue.
  • Small businesses have started to adopt cloud models to expand and grow their businesses online.
  • Many IT companies often choose PAAS as an ideal service to eliminate the need to install in-house hardware and software.
  • On the other side can have strong development support from the cloud.

Examples of PaaS

Some of the popular examples of cloud providers are Microsoft Azure, AWS. Microsoft’s PAAS provides their clients with data management tools, development run-time, etc. to run or develop software easily. These tools can be used to work in collaboration with other cloud-based services or as a standalone service for the clients.

Why PAAS with Tally on Cloud is a tailor-made solution?

PAAS with Tally on Cloud provides its customers with tailor-made solutions for the management of their accounting software. You would no longer need to purchase or use extra software for managing your Tally ERP software. Everything is managed and controlled by Tally on Cloud with the addition of PAAs services on the Tally. 

Benefits of PaaS For Your Business

Till now we saw the overview of what PAAS is and its uses with Tally on the cloud. Let us now analyze the true potential and Benefits of PAAS for your business models.

1. Cost-Effective

PAAS reduces your infrastructural expense to a great extent. This avoids wastage of investment and time over setting up hardware infrastructure. PAAS has a software infrastructure base so you only have to pay for the software or services you use. It works in economic mode and has no hidden charges or downtime charges. This makes PAAS much more cost-effective for your business model.

2. Enhance Speed and Flexibility

PAAS provides your development team flexibility, agility, and speed to work smoothly. The flow of work is never interrupted, having almost everything available on the cloud the development time is also minimized. This allows your business to fulfill your client’s requirements without any delay.

3. Quick Testing and Deployment

PAAS allows your development team to run multiple tests on multiple servers with multiple configurations. Multi-user can then deploy into desired locations with multiple versions of a single application. This is way more complex in the local setup when compared with PAAS.

4. Dynamic Allocation

In cloud computing, you have the flexibility to run and test the new features being added to the application/ website. PAAS allows you to expose the new feature to a group of small people in a particular region or zone.

5. Boost Up Your Business Focus

PAAS is completely based on software infrastructure. However, there is no need for you to maintain and manage the servers. The maintenance and management part is for the services providers. This allows you and your business to focus on the efficiency of the work to serve your clients with high-quality outcomes.

6. Performance and Scalability

Scalability is one of the topmost attractions of cloud computing technology. It gives you the ability to manage and control the traffic flow. The increase and decrease of resources via dashboards make scalability easy. This in turn enhances the performance of the system irrespective of the no of users using it simultaneously.

7. No More Backup Overheads

Backup and storage are big deals for organizations. They will always be available to you whenever needed. The data backup is more often and with different storage options depending on the use of data.

8. Remote Working

Remote working is the way to take your office work at home-place. Now the software can be accessed from multiple locations anytime. The only requirement is an active internet connection and a system to use the software. PAAS makes remote work more reliable and secure.

9. No Need for Software Maintenance

Along with the maintenance of the servers, PAAS also takes care of the System up-gradation. You do not need to manually upgrade the software. It is completely the job of the cloud service provider.


Observing the above benefits it is clear that PAAS or cloud solutions are a must for the growth of your business. We are here to suggest you one of the best Tally cloud solution providers for your accounting software i.e. Tallycloudhub.


We at Tallycloudhub provide our users with the best possible cloud solutions. Our services are extremely budget-friendly. We also provide free demo for Tally on cloud services. We would recommend you to go through the pros and cons of Paas and to understand your cloud requirements in depth.

PAAS: Pros and Cons

PAAS definitely looks a no brainer by the above discussion. We came across multiple benefits of PAAS. Now it’s time for us to look at the pros and cons of using PAAS from a business perspective.

Pros of PAAS:

  • Highly secure data centers. The data centers are physically secured as well as have 3-tier software security. Along with security data recovery can be performed easily against any disaster, malware, or data loss.
  • Time and cost-effectiveness. Tally on Cloud allows remote access to accounting software and data. It also eliminates the infrastructural expense with additional benefits of remote printing.
  • The cloud infrastructure provider maintains and manages the server. From security to up-gradation.

Cons of PAAS:

  • Managing remote accessibility is completely in your hands. The data can be at risk if not managed with utter expertise.
  • Tally on cloud is available anywhere anytime but provided an active internet connection is present. Often company files are large in size and to transfer these files high bandwidth is required. So if the internet is weak or goes down it ultimately will affect the efficiency of work. 
  • Not selecting the right service provider can put your company data, reputation, and client relations at risk. 


PAAS is one of the most used cloud services by businesses. That provides you with the benefits of Ready-to-use software, remote accessibility, high security, etc. PAAS in Tally cloud computing can help you overcome multiple accounting obstacles.


It is cost-effective and time-saving. But companies often tend to go over budget due to poor cloud planning’s and not selecting the right service provider. To know more about Tally on Cloud solutions do visit our Tallycloudhub website.


What is Tally On Cloud?

Tally on Cloud is one of the way to access Tally remotely as it makes accounting services available on the cloud outside the company premise. It is ERP based accounting software and allows remote access with high security. With tally availability on the cloud, it can be accessed on multiple OS such as Tally on Mac, android, windows, iOS, etc.

What does PAAS consist of?

PAAS consists of: 


  • Physical infrastructure
  • A command-line interface.
  • A graphical user interface. 
  • OS, Runtime environments, development languages, libraries, etc. 
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