Can Tally be hosted on cloud computing?

Tally hosted on Cloud computing

Can Tally be hosted on cloud computing?

Cloud-based Tally Software

Tally ERP 9 or updated Tally Prime is software used by business professionals to maintain company records. It is a windows based software, which restricts users from Tally on Cloud benefits. The systems with Tally ERP accounting software installed and configured on it can only be used to work on the Tally.


This made it very difficult for organizations to work remotely, considering the situation where working from remote locations has been the topmost priority. The new version details us about the new Tally on Cloud features and benefits added to the software. With the release of Tally on cloud solutions via version Tally 9 6.6 for remote access.


Tally can now be remotely accessed from anywhere anytime. This has given organizations the power to access the company data remotely and with high security. So here we had a look and what is Tally and what are the uses of the Tally. Continue to read this blog to have a deeper understanding of Cloud Web Tally Software.

What is Tally ERP 9 Release 6.6?

Tally ERP 9 release 6.6 version of Tally comes with additional benefits of accessing company data remotely. The data can be accessed or reports from anywhere at any time with Tally ERP 9 6.6 and Tally on Cloud with an active internet connection.

With the power of cloud computing, Tally data servers are hosted on cloud networks to make Tally reports on browsers remotely available.


This does not mean Tally has shifted from a window-based application to a Tally software cloud-based application. It uses third-party apps to provide Tally services on the cloud.

Is Tally Software Cloud-Based or Not?

  • Tally ERP 9 release 6.6 is purely an example of software as a service branch on cloud computing. Software hosted on the cloud is known as cloud-oriented software.
  • In which overall resources of the software are hosted on the cloud to make it available remotely.
  • This does not make Tally accounting software cloud-based.
  • Hosting on cloud platforms enables you to access Tally Online Service without actually configuring it in the remote system.

What is Tally ERP Software with cloud?

Tally ERP software with cloud provides you the accessibility of Tally account online. This is possible by using the SAAS (Software As A Service) provided by cloud computing. In SaaS components of Tally software are hosted on the cloud data servers. Software on these data servers is the virtual representation of desktop-based Tally ERP software.

How does Tally based on cloud works?

Tally based on Cloud server works on the principle of RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). In RDP Clients, Users with valid login credentials can only enter into the system and access company data. This also makes the tally network highly secure.

Advantages of Tally on cloud

Tally on Cloud is the need of the hour and can help organizations work efficiently. Tallycloudhub is one of the best Tally cloud service providers. We understand your organization’s needs. We provide our customers with personalized. Here are some of the other major advantages of installing Tally on the Cloud.

  • Remote desktop access to Tally ERP from anywhere at any time.
  • Remote Printing of Tally reports
  • Multi-device support such as Tally on Mac, Android, IoS.
  • Providing Tally on Cloud, including GST Ready Software.
  • Timely backup and security patch updates.
  • Web browser access with Tally on Cloud

5 Powerful Features of Hosting Tally Online on Cloud:

Some of the powerful features of Tally on Cloud are:


  • Tally on the cloud allows you to access company data more easily and quickly.
  • Tally Remote Access allows you to use Tally on Mac, Windows, and LINUX.
  • Data is stored in a highly encrypted format. Keeping the data more secured than on-premise data servers.
  • Tally on Cloud is also available on web browsers with a user-friendly web interface. This makes the availability of Tally on mobile devices as well.
  • Tally license is available for single as well as multi-users. Tally for multi-users licenses allows 10 or more users per account.  


Tally on Cloud is definitely a blessing for accounting software users. With having tally access remotely employee of your companies can print bills, invoices remotely, have access to immediate and accurate data. Tallycloudhub is one of the most prominent Tally Cloud service providers. We provide our customers with the best possible rates for cloud solutions. Visit our website to enroll for a Tally on Cloud Free Demo today!     


Does Tally run on Mac?

Yes, definitely Tally runs on Mac. other than Mac it also runs on other operating systems i.e Windows, Linux, etc.

Is the Tally license still needed?

Yes, an active Tally license is needed for you to avail of Tally on Cloud benefits.

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