All the details you need to know about Tally ERP on Cloud

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All the details you need to know about Tally ERP on Cloud

Tally on Cloud: Everything You Need to Know

Tally ERP is an enterprise popular amongst small and medium enterprises. For the people with questions such as what is Tally what are the use of Tally, then it is an application used for data management in various businesses. The different advantages of Tally avail you with features to maintain payroll management, salary, inventory, salary, invoices, reports, etc. 

Traditionally Tally was restricted to office locations only. With the advancement in cloud technologies, it is now successfully available on the Cloud and easily accessible over the globe. Tally on Cloud feature gives you the additional benefit of having all your system data available on any browser.

Cloud also eliminates the doubt of how to access tally remotely as it is available all over the internet. Since it is hosted on the cloud it can be accessed from remote locations even with a weak signal bandwidth. This means the need of configuring Tally accounting software on remote devices is reduced.

Can Tally ERP be accessed on the cloud?

Tally is a windows software and it doesn’t allow direct remote access from anywhere around the world. Third-party cloud services providers are used to access cloud web tally. Instant availability, remote printing, user-friendly UI, encryption, and security are the features provided by the cloud. The remote devices no longer need to install tally on their system i.e. laptops, or mobile phones. The new release of Tally ERP 9 version 6.6 is the reason for tally solutions cloud to make its way on the internet.

What is Tally ERP on Cloud?

Hosting the Tally ERP software on the cloud using it as Software As A Service, is one of the key features of cloud computing. It was possible only because of the cloud to make the software available to the residence of the employees to increase the work efficiency. Tally ERP cloud version supports cloud hosting. Where multiple users can upload files to the data server.

These cloud data servers then make sure the files are available to all the desired accounts even at their remote locations. Tally cloud based on ERP will charge for single-users and will be available for Tally multi-users at the same cost. It will be available to the user at any point in time. Tally on mac, windows, android, etc is supported.

How Tally ERP works on cloud?

Tally ERP on Cloud is based on Remote desktop Protocol (RDP). In RDP a user can log in to the web app with a valid username and password. Users with a specific set of permissions can only edit the reports of Tally on the web app itself.


Tally Cloud multi-users have access to reports, printers, etc. depending on the role they play in the organization. Only users with administrator-level permissions can have full access to the tally reports now on web browsers. Admin can handle the accessibility of tally accounts from the admin panel.

How Tally on-Premise is different from Tally on Cloud?

The major difference of having a Tally setup on-Premise is the expenditure. The cost of setting up servers, space, and timely maintenance requires unproductive efforts. Whereas on the other cloud-based accounting software is extremely cost-efficient.


The cost incurred is only for the software used rest all is taken care of by the cloud providers. Having Tally accounting software on Cloud makes it easy for users to access data remotely, update security patches, backup data on the cloud, and perform other operations.

How does cloud computing boost Tally ERP efficiency?

People having on-premise Tally accounting software have a server management team. This is an extra cost to the company and with more humans involved the error margin also increases. Having Tally on Cloud eliminated the server management team. Investing in Cloud is effective with additional benefits of Tally remote access in mobile, web browsers without any delay.

What are the diverse Tally on Cloud features?

The most prominent features of Tally on Cloud are :

  • Easy availability of tally data on cloud from remote locations.
  • Multi-Device support which means tally cloud on mac, windows, android, IOS,
  • Cloud accounting is RDP-based so tally remote access is possible through log-in portals. 
  • Timely security patch updates and tally backup on the cloud without any server downtime.

What are the benefits of hosting Tally on Cloud?

Tally on cloud benefits are:

1. Cost efficiency

The cost incurred is only for the resource used. The expenditure of the organization is reduced as the company no longer needs to build and maintain servers. The cost of maintenance and setting up servers is to the service providers.

2. Disaster recovery and security

Data is stored on multiple remote database servers and can be accessed easily via software or browsers. So even if a server goes down other servers are present to respond to the query raised in no time. Data centers are secured by physical and virtual boundaries.

3. Anytime remote access

Tally was initially available only during working hours and on-premise system. This causes a delay in the work. Tally on Cloud allows users to access the data from anywhere around the globe at any time. This has led to increased efficiency in the working environment.

4. RDP structured

The Remote Desktop Protocol makes the tally cloud login-based system. Where a user with valid login credentials can enter into the system. The system also has a different level of permission to restrict access to sensitive data from an unwanted user.

Tally On Cloud And Tally on-premise Comparison

Tally on-premise is based on LAN architecture. It is a one-time capital investment to set up data servers for Tally In Your Office Premise. The expenditure is high as it includes regular maintenance and a management team to handle these servers. The access to tally data is restricted to office premises only. Since the data centers are on-premise it becomes difficult to upscale or downscale resources. The software and methods are old and vulnerable to security threats


Tally On Cloud is based on RDP(Remote Desktop Protocol). The invoice is only for the resources used by the company. Cost-effective and provides the latest software and methods to operate. The data servers are highly secured. With Tally on Cloud, remote access of tally accounts is possible anywhere anytime. Since the software hosted on cloud upscaling and downscaling of resources can be easily modified.

How to choose the right cloud provider for your Tally ERP?

The key features that are necessary for Tally installation and configuration on the cloud are:

• Security

Data Security is important for business management, therefore one must select the right cloud service provider who offer highly granular security to store the Tally data. Data should be stored near to the customers to avoid any delay in the system. It should follow the least privileged approach to avoid threats from inside the organization.


The cost of resources that is being used is known as Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Depending upon the need of the company a suitable cloud provider can be selected.

• Partnerships and Integrations

Cloud providers have a huge connection of Partnerships & Integrations. This makes it easy for the user to access different services on a single platform. Analyzing integrations and then selecting the cloud provider will make a great impact on the business.


The cost of Tally on-premise is more expensive than Tally on Cloud. Tally on Cloud comes at a lower cost with a variety of functionalities including remote anywhere anytime access, pay for resources used, regular backup, and security patches. Whereas on-premise provides Tally customization to the user and would require a management team to handle on-premise servers.


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How is Tally ERP on Cloud useful in the times of Work from home?

During the tough times of pandemics, employees were restricted to their homes under the WFH policy. Tally ERP 9 version 6.6.3 has enabled employees to access the data from remote locations.


The features and benefits of Tally on Cloud are its ability to provide organizations with remote access facilities, the latest software, and high-level security, etc. cloud technologies have made tally work from home possible and even in such difficult times, the organization can work smoothly without employees attending the office physically.  

Does the Tally license expense is covered in this service?

No, only the Tally on cloud services used covered in the expense. You must own a valid tally license to host Tally on Cloud. The existing tally license can also be used for hosting it on the cloud.

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