What Measures Have You Taken For Your Tally Data Security?

Tally data security on cloud

What Measures Have You Taken For Your Tally Data Security?

What Measures Have You Taken For Your Tally Data Security?

Losing the data or information you have stored on Tally from so long will not be lesser than any nightmare. There would be still a way to get back the whole data provided that you have taken earlier measures to protect and secure your tally data.

Tally ERP is becoming the most important source of data for any company or business. So, it provides high-security measures to keep your data safe.

How Tally Protects Your Data?

  • Every tally user needs to know how the software is controlling and protecting your data. Encrypted transmissionapplication accesssecure storage, and connectivity are major ways that help your data to remain safe on Tally.
  • The software ensures that the data transmission between different versions of tally is encrypted and decompressed. Its triple data encryption algorithm achieves the purpose.
  • The software opens a network open after a user requests a network service. The software makes sure that your network port doesn’t get accessed by any other party or system or software.
  • Along with the transmitted data, the stored data on Tally ERP9 is encrypted and stored on disk using Tally vault.

Ways To Activate Your Data Security

Tally provides a complete framework of security for authorizationauthentication, and confidentiality of user data. The main measures that tally provides for securing your data which you should take into account are:

· Enable tally vault: A tally vault is a system that stores and secures your data with a password which only you can enter, edit or modify.

· Security levels: This is one of the useful security features which provides two options namely owner entry and data entry. The owner entry allows the owner to get access to all the features of the software except tally audit and company administration. Data entry gets limited access as per the requirements of the administrator. This ensures the tally remote access, i.e. users don’t interfere in other tasks.

· Tally audit: Tally audit is carried out on the data stored in tally by tracking the changes that could affect the authenticity of the amendments made in data, ledger, amounts, etc.

· Data Backup: Tally server provides for creating the backup of your data which helps you to restore any of the lost data.

Easy And Secure Way To Access Your Tally Data

Tally being the most widely used software in the field of accounting and basic inventory management is available on every device except Macintosh. However, there are several tried and tested methods using which you can use tally on mac, namely the dual boot method, virtualization, cross-platform tools, Tally on Cloud.

Tally cloud service is the most secure innovation which enables you to run tally from other cloud servers. It provides an easyefficienteconomical and secure way to access tally from any operating system. In this process, the tally license and data get installed on a secure cloud system. You can get tally access using a remote desktop (RDP) client through a computer or any operating device.

With so many security features available, make sure that you implement the best ones to protect your tally data from getting hacked or deleted.

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